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Security paper

The security paper is a substrate for producing various types of security prints. Its features and production technology make it a perfect security feature.

Basic information
Security features

  • PWPW has been working with paper for nearly 100 years now.  We have our own fully equipped paper mill where various types of security paper are produced, including, among others:

    • banknote paper;
    • passport paper;
    • excise duty paper; and
    • self-adhesive visa paper.

    PWPW has developed its own innovative solutions in the field of production and security of paper.  Our experts have developed, among others, an increased durability paper, antibacterial paper, anti-soiling paper (with increased resistance to soil), paper enhancing the properties of digital print and paper intended for laser engraving (LEAP TM).

    PWPW may prepare a proposal of paper security features tailored to the needs of the client. We offer an individualised watermark, for example, with logo, firm's name or graphics, as well as chemical security features in paper, security fibres, security threads or UV active dust.  Our offer includes paper of various density (from 60 up to 150 g/m2) and of different colours.


  • A watermark is an image in paper visible in transmitting light and produced during the process of forming the paper web.  It is created by thickness or density variations in selected places.  Watermarks are one of the oldest and most efficient security features in paper.  

    Watermarks may be divided into running and localised, depending on their location in the sheet of paper, and into single-tone and multi-tone, depending on the variation of bright and dark elements of the watermark.  A filigree is a special type of watermark with an increased contrast.

Security fibres

  • Security fibres – fibres of various length and colour placed in the paper structure, visible in daylight, UV light or infrared.


  • Planchettes are small elements of various shapes placed in paper at the stage of forming the paper web.  

    They have specifically defined features (are UV active or change colours in different temperatures).

Security threads

  • A security thread is placed in paper during its manufacturing.  It may be wholly immersed in paper structure or appear at its surface in precisely defined places (the so-called window security thread).     

    The security thread often includes additional security elements; it may be metallised, colourful (rainbow colours), UV active, micro-printed or may have magnetic features.

Chemical security features

  • Chemical security features introduced during manufacturing stage cause that any attempts to alter the document with the use of organic solvents or other chemical agents leave visible and irremovable colourful spots on paper. 

Other products and services

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