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Every day, millions of people in Poland and abroad use identification documents produced at PWPW. These documents certify their identity, rights/authorisations and qualifications as well as function as travel documents. Products offered by PWPW meet the highest standards required upon identification and verification of identity and guarantee durability and reliability of the proposed solutions.

Basic information
Product description
Use and recommendation

New functions – new challenges

  • In the recent years, identification documents have changed significantly.  Today, they more often combine a few functions and their importance grows systematically.  These facts make them a popular target for counterfeiters and forgers.  

    Contemporary identification documents are a real challenge for designers and producers.  On the one hand, they should guarantee security in everyday transactions thanks to available
    anti-counterfeiting and anti-forgery techniques applied in the production process but, on the other hand, they should be technologically advanced to an extent that ensures the required durability and enables adding new functionalities, for example, in the form of electronic components.

    PWPW has multiyear experience, qualified personnel and state-of-the-art technological and research and development facilities enabling it to implement even the most difficult projects (from technological point of view) connected with various types of identification documents.

Qualifications and requirements

  • PWPW holds all necessary authorisations in the area of designing, production, personalisation and distribution of identification documents, such as:

    • industrial security certificate of first degree; and
    • INTERGRAF security printing certificate.

    Our products meet the standards and norms set forth in international regulations:

    • ICAO Doc 9303;
    • ISO/IEC 7810;
    • ISO/IEC 10373;
    • ISO/IEC 14443; and
    • ISO/IEC 7816.

Trust and confidence

  • For many years now PWPW has been producing documents of special importance to citizens and the State.  We guarantee full safety and security of both the process and the product, from physical protection of the production facility, through application of not easily accessible technologies and materials, efficient anti-counterfeiting and anti-forgery security measures, up to trusted and reliable data personalisation systems and techniques.

Tested and reliable solutions

  • We offer identification cards in ID1 format (85.6 mm x 53.98 mm) compliant with ISO/IEC 7810 norm.  Our documents are produced from a highly durable material – polycarbonate which offers a 10-year life of the document and resistance to external factors.  Thanks to its features, polycarbonate gained the trust of governments all over the world and has been used in various types of identification documents for nearly 25 years now.  The production technology makes it possible to place graphic elements, including security features, at various levels of the card structure.

    Such solution effectively protects the document from destruction or damage, creates a technological barrier for counterfeiters and forgers and guarantees document functionality during its entire validity period.   

    Our clients from Poland and abroad are offered the following polycarbonate products:

    • personal identity documents;
    • residence cards;
    • unified documents for foreigners; and
    • permits for crossing the State border as part of the Local Border Traffic.

    Additionally, we produce and personalise:

    • driving licences;
    • ADR certificates;
    • digital tachograph cards;
    • business identification cards; and
    • professional licences.

Security and protection

  • Documents produced at PWPW guarantee security and the highest level of anti-counterfeiting  and anti-forgery protection.  Thanks to advanced knowledge, competencies and technologies we can design and implement traditional and innovative security features such as:

    • multi-colour guilloche;
    • iris - gradual shift from one colour to the other;
    • microprints;
    • UV active inks;
    • optically variable inks –  OVI®;
    • recto-verso; and
    • holograms.

    Demanding clients are offered technological security features that are integrated into the internal structure of polycarbonate, for example, transparent windows, palpable raised markings on the surface as well as security features added during the personalisation stage, i.e., changeable laser image (CLI/MLI), transparent laser engraving ( TLE®), recto-verso or Verso-ID®.


  • In addition to physical security features we offer solutions that support biometric identification as well as additional related electronic services, i.e., the so-called
    e-services.  Depending on the functionality of a document, a microchip with a contact or contactless interface or with two interfaces may be placed in the card (hybrid card or DIF - dual interface).


  • PWPW's polycarbonate documents are prepared for laser personalisation which is the safest technique of individualisation of polycarbonate cards.  Personal data, a photograph, signature and OCR-B code are irreversibly and durably burnt on the surface and in deeper layers of the card structure.  Information applied in this manner is practically impossible to remove with mechanical or chemical methods without leaving visible traces in the document.  Laser engraving allows for placing raised markings (data) on the card surface  – this makes it possible to easily and unambiguously verify the authenticity of personalisation technique, i.e., by touch.   

    Our documents are prepared for personalisation in the central system and may be individualised both at the client and at PWPW's personalisation centre.  


  • PWPW developed and implemented an innovative method of personalisation of polycarbonate documents, i.e., PCP® (Polycarbonate Colour Personalisation).  This solution guarantees a safe production process and the related personalisation of data in one common production centre.  There are no empty forms of documents in circulation at any stage of document life.  This obviously increases their security level.  The PCP® technology allows for printing a colour photograph (laser-engraved photographs are black and white) and using a mixed technique of personalisation combining a colour image with data applied with laser engraving technique.  The photograph in the finished document is secured and physically protected inside the card structure.


    • personal identity documents;
    • residence cards;
    • driving licences;
    • ADR certificates;
    • permits for crossing the State border as part of the Local Border Traffic;
    • unified documents for foreigners;
    • digital tachograph cards; and
    • policeman identity cards.


    • personal identity documents


    • security personnel identity cards;  and
    • digital tachograph cards.

Other products and services

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