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PWPW is a producer of loyalty cards, business IDs or ID cards made from polycarbonate and PVC. We offer complex solutions including the analysis and modelling of business processes, analysis of potential threats, preparation of graphic designs, proposal of security features, production and delivery as well implementation of the chosen functionalities of offered cards.


  • Due to security reasons, more and more firms, governmental and local institutions and organisations equip their employees with business identity documents.  In addition to identification of the holder, they may also play the following roles:

    • access – enabling access to rooms or certain office equipment;
    • documentary – connected with recording of the time of work or collected materials; and
    • authorisation – enabling safe data transmission.

    Depending on the needs of the client, PWPW prepares graphic designs, technical specifications and models of use of identity documents.  We propose proper level of card security, material from which the card will be made (PVC or polycarbonate) and an appropriate microchip.  In addition, we prepare IT systems integrated with both the devices (readers, gates, mobile applications) as well as the microchip placed in the card.  Depending on the needs of the client, we offer complex or partial solutions.  

    The document may be in the form of a PVC or polycarbonate card prepared for laser engraving and PCP (Polycarbonate Colour Personalisation).  The offered solutions in print include, among others, guilloche background, microprint, iris, optically variable inks (OVI), UV active graphic element or holograms.  The validity of the identity document may be certified with a self-adhesive hologram applied independently by the client in a specially designated place.  The card may be equipped with a contact, contactless or dual interface microchip.

    The contact microchip may record both the commercial and qualified certificate for the electronic signature.  Thanks to this solution, the card may be used, for example, as an additional security against unauthorised access to the firm's or institution's IT system.  Each computer workstation may be equipped with contact card readers supplied by PWPW.  If such solution is used, prior to logging to the system one should first enter the user name, password and confirm his/her authorisations by placing the card in the reader.  Any removal of the card immediately blocks the workstation.  

    The identity document may also be equipped with a built-in microchip with a contactless interface.  Depending on the implemented functionalities, such card may be used as a "key" to office premises or building, may facilitate the recording of the time of work as well as enable access to central printout systems.  The solution makes it possible to limit access to office equipment exclusively to authorised persons holding an ID with a microchip.  Any process may be initiated exclusively upon bringing the card close to the contactless reader installed on printers, Xerox machines, etc.  Such system guarantees full control over the process of printing and copying documents in the offices of the client.  Any printed document is properly marked and the information on printing and copying is recorded in the system.  The printout management systems not only increase the security of document circulation in the institution but also contribute to the reduction of administrative costs through limitation of unnecessary expenses.  

    IDs may be produced based on the client's design or a design prepared by the Graphic Designs Department at PWPW.  Thanks to multiyear experience, our designers are able to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

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PWPW (Polish Security Printing Works)

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