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Excise tax bands

The production of excise tax bands is an important area of PWPW's business activity.  Since this mission was entrusted to PWPW by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Poland, we have been using our best endeavours to perform this responsible task.  PWPW is the sole producer of all Polish excise tax bands intended for marking tobacco products, spirits and wines.

Excise tax bands

Basic information

  • For 20 years now, PWPW has been producing excise tax bands at the request of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Poland.  Pursuant to the Excise Tax Act of
    6 December 2008, excise tax marks (excise tax bands) must be applied on unit packaging of tobacco products, spirits and wines intended for trade in the Republic of Poland.  

    Due the role of excise tax bands, they must be well secured.  Particular importance is ascribed to security features that may be verified by any person interested in the purchase of goods subject to excise tax.  Excise tax bands are printed on paper with watermark, some of them contain elements made with inks sensitive to temperature changes (excise tax bands for tobacco products), palpable elements or elements employing the so-called latent image effect (excise tax bands for spirits).  Each excise tax bands is numbered, which facilitates their circulation and registration. 


  • PWPWTrace® is a multifunctional platform which ensures transparency of activities and responsibility of domestic producers and importers of tobacco products, spirits and pharmaceuticals.  

    PWPWTrace® enables product tracking at any stage of the supply chain: from the manufacturer up to the final retail outlet.  It not only secures the product through its marking with an unique code but also guarantees the integrity of supply chain and supports settlements of tax revenues.  PWPWTrace® combines materials and IT solutions based on security systems that enable effective verification of product authenticity and its tracking as well as allow for effective combating trade in counterfeited goods.  PWPWTrace® meets the needs of, among others, governmental institutions, in the area of such services as identifiability and authenticity of products, excise tax bands and goods marked with them.

    PWPWTrace® system is a superior solution towards specific implementations which may be carried out with the use of this system, i.e., it includes only the functionality which is to be used in all implementations. 

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