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A visa is an extremely important document for the safety of borders and citizens.  This is a written permit to cross the State border or to stay in a foreign state, issued to foreigners by diplomatic or consular units of the given State.  Most often visas are in the form of a sticker affixed in the passport or any other travel document but they may also have the form of a stamp or a written annotation.

Basic information
Security features

  • PWPW produces visa stickers in accordance with the specifications set forth in regulations of the EC Council and recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organisation
    (ICAO 9303).

    We are technologically prepared for production of any types of visas with various degrees of anti-counterfeiting and anti-forgery protection – both at the stage of graphic design, printing process and paper substrate.  All stages of the production process are carried out in accordance with international procedures documented with respective certificates.    

    PWPW is the sole producer of visas for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.  We also produce visas for other countries.   

    The representatives of PWPW take an active part in the works of the European Commission's "Article 6 Committee" which determines the principles of visa functioning, their layout and security features.

  • Printed visas may be secured against counterfeiting and forgery in various ways.    

    PWPW applies the following solutions which comply with international standards:

    • visa forms are printed on internally produced self-adhesive paper with security fibres, without any optical brighteners;
    • the visa surface is overprinted with guilloche background produced with the use of offset technique and iris print.  The bottom part of the document repeats certain personal data in the form of OCR-B code.  Thanks to machine readers at, for example, the State border, it is possible to promptly verify the compliance of printed data with encoded data;
    • partially de-metallised kinegram with a special graphic motif: in the central part two E letters changing over into a picture of the globe surrounded by stars with visible movement and change of colour effects, partially overprinted with steel-engraving technique;
    • steel-engraving print with latent image effect in the form of PL letters which, depending on the viewing angle, change from a negative to a positive;
    • part of VISA word made with an optically variable ink which changes its colour depending on the viewing angle;
    • letterpress numbering including nine UV-active digits; and
    • two-colour microprint in the form of EUR letters produced with steel-engraving technique.   

    Part of materials used for visa production are reserved exclusively for this product.

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