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Other security prints

Products manufactured on special security paper with advanced printing techniques.  PWPW uses its experience gained in manufacturing banknotes and documents for the production of other security prints.  We manufacture highly secured products for clients from governmental and commercial sectors.

Product offer
Security features

Forms and IDs

  • Having in mind the interests of the State and citizens as well as avoidance of potential losses, governmental and local government institutions wish to secure their prints against counterfeiting and forgery.  PWPW supports them in these efforts by producing various types of documents and security prints, including among others:

    • forms of permits for entry and movement of non-standard vehicles;
    • transportation documents, for example, licences, certificates, permits and other documents required for passenger or cargo road transport;
    • certificates issued by the Register Office; and
    • business IDs (in the form of booklets).

Cheques, shares, bonds

  • In order to ensure proper circulation of documents and avoid losses caused by potential counterfeiting or forgery, private firms and financial institutions use security prints.  In reply to these needs PWPW offers:

    • cheques and other banking forms (for example, bank guarantees); and
    • shares and bonds (registered, bearer and collective certificates).

Diplomas and certificates

  • The forms of certificates, diplomas and certifications (including for secondary schools and universities) are yet another product category manufactured in close co-operation with the client.  These documents require proper security level due to the fact that their holders are awarded certain authorisations or benefits.


  • PWPW has extensive experience in producing any types of vouchers, coupons and tickets. Our brand is a guarantee of not only the authenticity of the product but also security of the system of its production and distribution.  

Labels, stickers and security seals

  • In order to meet the expectations and needs of clients who wish to individualise their products by enabling their easy authentication, PWPW offers secured self-adhesive labels.  They make it possible for the consumer to easily verify the authenticity of the product.  If the label code is combined with an IT system, one may also easily track the way the product has travelled.  

    Security seals, stickers and labels produced by PWPW meet the highest security standards to protect the products from counterfeit or forgery attempts and to enable the consumers to verify the authenticity and origin of the products.  

    The following factors are important while designing useful and efficient securities in the form of a self-adhesive seal:

    • analysis of planned functions of the label/sticker;
    • selection of self-adhesive material appropriate for the substrate on which the label/sticker is to be produced; and
    • design of security features in print.

    Due to these reasons, PWPW's designs of security seals are usually author's designs.   

    The following types of substrate are most frequently used in production of security stickers/labels and seals:

    • tamper-evident substrate;
    • self-destructive substrate;
    • delamination-based substrate; and
    • special substrate.

    Each label is separately numbered and is identifiable.  This guarantees safe distribution of the products provided that rules applicable to pre-numbered registered forms are observed.    

    The use of various printing techniques and special inks which fall within the whole range of security features composing one unique product are yet an added value. 

Security features

  • One of PWPW's areas of activity includes preparation of graphic designs and technical specifications tailored to both the needs of the client as well as the utility and functional features of the given product.  In addition, we prepare sequences of security features (adjusted to particular security prints) which make it possible to verify their authenticity at various levels – from those identifiable by any user up to the ones verified in specialist laboratories.

Security features in paper

  • At PWPW, the majority of security prints is produced on a paper with watermark.  Additional security features include colour fibres visible in daylight, UV active fibres as well as chemical security features protecting documents against any attempts to remove or change the recorded data.    

    PWPW offers both standard motifs as well as paper with individual watermark produced at the client's request.  Any paper with watermark is produced in our paper mill and, due to security reasons, no empty forms are introduced to trade. 

Security features in graphic design and in print

  • The most frequently used security features include: guilloche background, guilloche frames, microprint, iris, numbering, barcode, 2D code or a graphic element made with special inks (for example, UV active inks, optically variable inks, iridescent or thermochromic inks). Documents may be numbered with letterpress, ink-jet or laser techniques.  
    Documents produced by PWPW may be additionally secured with holograms, holograph foil, decorative or diffractive foil applied with cold- or hot-stamping method.

Other products and services

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