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Banknote substrates

Properly selected and secured substrate is the base for well secured banknotes. PWPW belongs to the exclusive group of a dozen or so companies in the world with competences and proper technical equipment to print banknotes on all currently used substrates – natural (cotton), semi-synthetic, composite and polymer.

  • At its own paper mill, PWPW produces among others: classic, cotton paper (Fortis™ ), Fortis™ Composite paper, comprised of natural and synthetic fibres and Fortis™ Pro paper with additional anti-soiling coating.

    Another method of enhancing durability of circulating banknotes is coating them with a layer of special varnish in the flexography printing process.

    PWPW also produces and offers varnishes. PWPW experts will be pleased to help in substrate selection, taking into account both environmental conditions and economic issues.



    The Polish Security Printing Works is pleased to present „Polish Bisons” project. It is our response to the requirements of customers from around the world. It presents the banknote substrates’ technological portfolio.

    The aim of preparing a series of test banknotes was to illustrate how the choice of substrate impacts the performance of banknotes in circulation. Factors influencing substrate selection include among other: climate conditions and the manner of using and storing banknotes.

    The same banknote design was printed on various substrates in many technological options to objectlively demonstrate the differences (each substrate type has a different serie’s symbol).


    Fortis™ Coat4Note®
    Fortis™ T-Coat4Note
    FO series
    FC series
    FT series
    Classic, coated cotton paper made by PWPW (Fortis™). The most economic and popular solution on the market.
    Fortis™ paper protected with the Coat4Note® varnish made by PWPW, which protects both the paper surface and print against environmental conditions and abrasion.
    Fortis™ paper protected with the T-Coat4Note varnish base on PWPW unique production method, characterised by higher protection against chemical solvents and soiling than its classic counterpart. The substrate covered with this varnish is also characterised by a higher grammage, which also positively impacts the physical properties of print.
    Fortis™ Composite
    Fortis™ Composite Coat4Note®
    Composite multi-layer substrate
    CO series
    CC series
    HC series
    Fortis™ Composite paper, which is a mixture of natural and synthetic fibres is characterised by better physical properties compared to classic paper (resistance to breaking, tearing, etc.) in case of difficult atmospheric conditions.
    Fortis™ Composite paper protected with Coat4Note® varnish. Apart from strengthened paper structure, the print is additionally protected against environmental conditions.
    Composite multi-layer substrate (i.e. paper coated with fi lm on both sides), has significantly higher barrier characteristics and physical durability compared to the classic paper substrate. The substrate has been coated with a layer of the Coat4Note® varnish.
    Fortis™ Pro
    Fortis™ Pro Coat4Note®
    The polymer substrate
    PO series
    PC series
    SC series
    Fortis™ Pro paper with the additional ‘anti-soiling’ coating is characterised by further barrier against dirt.
    Fortis™ Pro paper protected with the Coat4Note™ varnish, which provides additional protection of print against abrasion.
    The polymer substrate has high barrier characteristics, increasing the banknote’s physical durability. Protection with the Coat4Note® varnish for polymers has been used in this version.


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