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eDO App expands to include biometric identity confirmation

Polish Security Printing Works has introduced a function for confirming identity using facial biometrics in the eDO App. It makes it even faster and more convenient to use the possibilities offered by an e-card or passport with an electronic layer. The solution is already available to mBank's corporate banking customers. 

PWPW has deployed state-of-the-art, certified biometric technology to protect against presentation attacks. In a single user session, it verifies that an electronically layered document is genuine and valid, confirms viability using a three-dimensional image of the face and verifies the image match with 99.99995% accuracy.

Until now, a four-digit PIN, assigned when collecting an identity card at the Registry Office, had to be entered to confirm identity on the app. The new solution comes to the rescue when the PIN number has not been assigned or when it is not remembered, as well as for passport holders who do not have PINs at all.

After selecting the e-card or passport and the eDO App as the means of confirming identity on a service provider's website, such as a bank, we launch the app and scan the QR code or copy the corresponding number. The eDO App then takes us to a screen for selecting the confirmation method and, in addition to the PIN number, displays biometrics using the e-card or passport. We choose one of these, enter the CAN number from the e-card or scan the MRZ area from the passport (at the bottom of the photo page), apply the document to the smartphone's NFC antenna and, after the data transfer, the front camera is activated. We see our face on the screen and the app corrects its positioning. We confirm readiness and then the app creates a 3D encrypted scan of your face. When everything matches, the verification is successful.

- We created the eDO App to provide holders of digitally layered documents with the most secure and fast way of confirming their identity, paving the way for many commercial and public services. The introduction of facial biometrics is the next step in the development of the app and increasing convenience for the user," said Konrad Jaczewski, Director of PWPW's Digital Solutions Division.

A new method of confirming identity can already be used by mBank CompanyNet corporate banking customers. With the solution, the user gains full access to the system or, as a customer proxy, can update his or her personal data with the bank. 

- One of the critical responsibilities a bank has when opening an account or using a new product is to verify the identity of the customer representative. While this is a relatively minor challenge in the traditional product launch process, where an account manager meets the customer face-to-face, in the case of digital customer onboarding it is a non-trivial topic, said Dariusz Nalepa, head of transactional banking at mBank. - Adding the eDO App as another remote verification option is an extremely important piece of this complex puzzle. In particular, the addition of remote passport verification has added a lot of value to the customer identification process. Until now, it has been quite a challenge for the bank to confirm the identity of people residing outside of Poland. With the implementation of identity confirmation using an electronically layered passport and facial biometrics we can perform this process for new groups of customers," he added.

The biometric proof of identity at mBank requires an e-card with an electronic layer. The existing document can be exchanged for an e-card free of charge and this can also be done if the first one has not expired. The new verification method can also be used by holders of biometric passports from more than 130 countries, including Poland.

mBank is not the only financial institution to offer identity confirmation using the eDO App. The PIN-based solution is currently available to customers of Santander bank and PKO Bank Polski, factoring provider Monevia and insurance companies Allianz, Uniqa and many others.

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