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INTERGRAF certificate confirmed

An audit assessing PWPW's compliance with the requirements of ISO 14298 Management of security print production processes and CWA 15374 Security management system standard for raw material suppliers to security print manufacturers has been successfully completed. Polish Security Printing Works is the only Polish company to hold the ISO 14298 compliance certificate, commonly referred to as the INETRGRAF certificate. It has been awarded to all PWPW production facilities.

At the end of 2022, the Dutch certification body VPGI Certification B.V. conducted an audit in which it found no non-conformities. Thus, one of PWPW's facilities was again awarded the ISO 14298 certificate (as part of the recertification), the ISO 14298 certification was retained for the other production locations of the Company and, in addition, the CWA 15374 certification for the Secured Paper Production area was maintained.

As every year, the INTERGRAF audit posed a major organisational and logistical challenge. Over many hours, the auditors took a close look at production processes, analysed documentation, verified records in electronic security systems and conducted in-depth interviews with the auditees.

PWPW has once again proven that it cares about maintaining the highest global security standards, which are inextricably linked to its products. The INTERGRAF certificate obtained by the Security Printing Works is a key document for security print manufacturers. Its possession is a confirmation of the highest level of production security and represents a competitive advantage in the security printing market.

The ISO 14298 certificate is intended for manufacturers of security prints that are protected against counterfeiting, such as banknotes, identity cards, passports, driving licences, postage and revenue stamps, diplomas, and concerns the management of the production processes for these unique products.

The CWA 15374 certificate describes a security management system for suppliers of security print manufacturers, i.e. manufacturers of security paper, specialised inks, inks, laminating plates, guillotines, security films, security design software, substrates, pigments, or coatings, among others.

INTERGRAF is a trade association promoting and protecting the interests of the printing industry at European level. It represents 20 member federations from 19 countries in Europe. The association's members are the national printing federations that represent the sector in their national contexts. INTERGRAF is also the European social partner representing employers in the printing industry.

The PWPW's need to hold INTERGRAF certification is primarily due to the high demands of its customers, but also stems directly from various legal regulations.

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