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PWPW combines competencies and bets on a new approach to digital products

Polish Security Printing Works will use its experience from the production of security prints and banknotes in its digital solutions. One example is the Enigma NFT, a digital artwork card that combines many of the Work's unique competencies - from graphic design to the preparation of polycarbonate chip cards, to NFC solutions and blockchain technology.

What remains unique about PWPW in the security printing industry is that as one of the few entities in the world producing banknotes and security prints, it can carry out the entire production process in one place. This ranges from conceptual work, design of security features and layout, through paper production in its own paper mill and printing, to personalisation and dedicated IT solutions.

Now PWPW plans to introduce such a comprehensive approach in the field of digital products, using the know-how and experience of its experts in various fields. The new product - Enigma NFT - combines many of PWPW's unique capabilities: graphic design and security of banknotes and printed securities, production of polycarbonate cards with an embedded chip, implementation of NFC technology used in ID cards with an electronic layer, development of mobile applications, and application of blockchain technology.


- For years, in addition to developing competencies in the production of banknotes and documents, Polish Security Printing Works has also been offering a range of modern and secure IT solutions. In the Enigma NFT project, we are combining these areas by presenting the PWPW's extensive capabilities in the creation of secure digital solutions, using our competencies from other areas, explained Mariusz Kujawski, PWPW board member supervising PWPW's Digital Products Division.


- Enigma NFT is a showcase of our skills in complex implementation of advanced projects in blockchain technology and combining them with other solutions we offer. It is also a recognition of the cryptographic mastery demonstrated by Polish mathematicians in the 1930s and a tribute to Polish science and technological thought, said Konrad Jaczewski, director of PWPW's Digital Products Division.


The Enigma NFT consists of a polycarbonate card with a laser-engraved CAN number and a unique token stored in the electronic layer. To download the commemorative digital artwork, it is necessary install the Enigma PWPW application [1] and bring the card close to the phone. After a moment, the digital Enigma NFT goes into the cryptocurrency wallet on the phone. Contactless and wireless data transfer (NFC) technology is used, among others, in the banking sector for contactless payments. The PWPW has previously used it, among other things, in the eDO App, which allows users to quickly and securely confirm their identity and log in to services and sites by holding their new ID card against their smartphone.


The first cards, produced in a limited edition of a few hundred copies, will be distributed among the Company's partners and customers.


Enigma NFT is also a tribute to the Polish cryptologists who contributed to the breaking of the Enigma cipher 90 years ago and whose heir in many areas the Polish Security Printing Works is today. In 1932, the outstanding Polish mathematicians and cryptologists Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski and Jerzy Różycki achieved the impossible by breaking the code of the German Enigma cipher machine. As it later turned out, the solution to this riddle by the three Polish scientists had a decisive impact on the outcome of World War II.


More detailed information on the project can be found at


[1] Download from Google Play and AppStore

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