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The value of PWPW exports doubled in 2018

2018 was a breakthrough year for the export business of Polish Security Printing Works. PWPW doubled the value of its total exports as compared to 2017, and strengthened its position in the key market of South and Central America. For the first time in history, the value of PWPW contracts with South and Central American countries exceeded the value of contracts with European countries.


Polish Security Printing Works - supervised by the Minister of Interior and Administration - plays a key role in the security system of the Republic of Poland. PWPW manufactures security prints such as bank notes, passports, visas, stamps, excise stamps, as well as digital tachographs, ID cards and IT systems for handling identification documents. Most countries in the world do not have their own state manufacturers of security prints and IT systems related to the security of operations of national systems, such as PWPW is for the Republic of Poland. That is why high-class solutions created at the PWPW are sold to foreign governments and their central banks.

- Most of PWPW contracts are secret. However, I can say that in 2018, PWPW doubled the value of its exports as compared to 2017. In the second half of 2018, PWPW secured the largest new contracts in South and Central America, which is a strategic direction of PWPW's international expansion - stressed Janusz Kowalski, a member of the Management Board of PWPW responsible for exports.

One of the successes of PWPW in 2018 was the performance of banknote contracts for Honduras, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic. In August, PWPW signed with Banco de Guatemala the largest contract in six years for the production of the 5 and 10 quetzals notes. It also produced 170 million banknotes for Honduras and 55 million banknotes for the Dominican Republic. PWPW provided its South American customers with a comprehensive service: from the production of paper substrate in its own paper mill through printing and finishing to delivery.

- Export is a strategic direction for Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW). That is why we closely follow global technological trends and constantly invest in the development of our machinery. This allows us to compete with leading security printing companies in terms of quality and innovation. For several years now, the activities of PWPW in this respect have focused on Central and South American countries. We can safely say that PWPW has built a strong brand on the local markets - said Maciej Biernat, President of the Management Board of PWPW.

For over 10 years PWPW has enjoyed a reputation and recognition as a stable, reliable and trustworthy producer and supplier of products crucial for the functioning and security of every state.

- After achieving such a significant position in the region, we can afford to create products dedicated to it, such as our R&D developed synthetic substrate preferred by South and Central American customers due to the humid climate. Each delivery of a new product to these markets, with new features or security features, allows us to gain experience and offer new, already proven solutions, also in the Polish market - explained Janusz Kowalski.

Europe was the second-largest region in which PWPW conducted its export business. The main customers were Lithuania, Turkey, France and Portugal.

- The reason for particular satisfaction for us was the signing of a long-term agreement for the supply of electronic passports and e-cards for Iceland. We are glad that we have been appreciated by a country that is highly advanced in the field of digital technologies. We are also expanding the sale of digital tachographs: in 2018 we won new orders for Georgia and Cyprus, and we continued our cooperation with Armenia and Azerbaijan in this area - said Janusz Kowalski.

Africa and Asia are also prospective markets for PWPW. The Company receives numerous inquiries from there and has already completed its first contracts, such as the production of a collector banknote for Djibouti in Africa.

Foreign sales are one of the most important development directions for PWPW. Many efforts invested in research and development, investments in the expansion of the machinery and the development of the IT systems have mainly exports in mind. PWPW’s products and services are present on every continent, and the number of foreign customers is growing year by year.

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