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PWPW to manufacture payment cards for Bank Pocztowy

The Polish Security Printing Works is increasingly making its presence felt in the card market. In April this year, the first payment cards personalised by PWPW were delivered to Bank Pocztowy's customers. This is the result of the co-operation initiated last year, under which the Works will produce and personalise over 800 thousand dual cards for the Bank's customers, enabling them to make contact and proximity payments.


As part of the co-operation initiated in August 2017, following a tender won by PWPW, an Agreement was concluded with Bank Pocztowy, under which PWPW is to supply the Bank with payment cards for the next 6 years. The Bank entrusted the Works with both production and personalisation of the cards.

– I am very glad that we deliver dual cards to the Bank, thanks to which we have a significant presence in the market segment, which was hitherto dominated by entities with foreign capital. This is a good omen for the future. The co-operation with Bank Pocztowy to date has been very good," - said Tomasz Karusewicz, Member of the Supervisory Board delegated to temporarily perform the duties of President of the Management Board of PWPW S.A.

So far, the Works' contracts have included mainly personalisation of payment cards and production of cards with a magnetic strip. As part of the order, PWPW is to deliver to Bank Pocztowy over 800,000 dual cards allowing both contact and proximity payments to be made.

– The production of cards for Bank Pocztowy is handled by Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych - a State Treasury company, one of the most modern companies in the security printing industry in Europe. We highly appreciate our co-operation to date. In our opinion, PWPW provides a guarantee of safety and high quality, which we expect from our suppliers. I would like to remind you that the card of Bank Pocztowy was considered the "Most Beautiful Polish Card of 2017" during the Polish Digital Payments Gala - a meeting of the community of people and companies connected with the Polish card market, accompanying the Central European Digital Payments Conference - said Sławomir Zawadzki, President of the Management Board of Bank Pocztowy.

PWPW has short lead times for the production of plastic cards and at the same time offers attractive prices. In production, the company applies advanced technologies, which allow, among others, to increase the attractiveness of the graphic design of the cards. In the production of cards for Bank Pocztowy PWPW will use special lamination sheets, thanks to which the graphics will acquire an interesting visual effect in the form of shiny images of birds. The graphic design of the cards was prepared by Bank Pocztowy.

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