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PWPW to develop the latest technologies

PWPW will develop the latest technologies as part of its own research and development in co-operation with the Świętokrzyskie University of Technology.

The co-operation between the Świętokrzyskie University of Technology and PWPW concerns, in particular, the development and implementation of new security features for polycarbonate documents obtained by means of laser technology. Achieving many innovative effects with the use of different types of lasers, may constitute a high class security measure which is very difficult to falsify.

The concluded agreement will enable joint development work, co-operation in the field of new security features with the use of laser technology and applying for co-financing of projects. The agreement is also the basis for the joint organisation of expert conferences, seminars and workshops, as well as, for example, internships and apprenticeships. PWPW is the only Polish manufacturer of identification documents and security prints, providing modern solutions for the country's needs. Apart from typical teaching classes, the Świętokrzyskie University of Technology co-operates with domestic and foreign research centres, the business and local government community in solving contemporary challenges and problems and stimulating social and economic development.

The issue of science and research and development is key to building a modern and competitive economy. PWPW relies on modern and Polish solutions, thanks to which it will be stronger. The Company has its own research and development laboratories and already collaborates with the Wrocław Research Centre EIT+ or the Military University of Technology, among others.

PWPW (Polish Security Printing Works)

1 R. Sanguszki Street
00-222 Warsaw, Poland
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tel. (+48) 22 235 20 00
fax (+48) 22 235 24 50