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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays a significant role at the Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW). The company also engages in Christian activities, supports patriotic initiatives, cultivates Polish history and invests in science, while also caring about spiritual and cultural heritage.


Corporate Social Responsibility is part of the strategy of the Polish Security Printing Works /Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S.A. The Company's stable market position enables to support many social, family, cultural and scientific initiatives. These areas have been identified as key areas, which, in the long run, will increase the Company’s goodwill.

In the first half of 2017, the Company gave 43 donations. The applicants included natural persons in need of help and many institutions who promote the history of our country, conducting educational activities in this field, as well as entities involved in health and family protection.

PWPW S.A. can provide support to people in need of medical  care and rehabilitative assistance. A few months ago, a policewoman of the Police Headquarters in Gdańsk, who had been diagnosed with cancer, received a donation for her medical treatment. The Company has also devoted considerable resources to provide the cardiology department with ECG holter sets, ABP monitoring systems and cardiac stimulators. It equipped the Children’s Hospital of the Medical University of Warsaw with vital signs monitors . We also supported employees of the Polish Security Printing Works who require constant medical care or rehabilitative assistance.

PWPW S.A. can boast of nearly 100 years of tradition, inseparably connected with the history of Poland. Thus, projects popularizing the history of our country, especially among young people, are of particular importance to us. That is why we granted the request of the Foundation of Cichociemni – the elite special-operations parachute paratroops of the Polish Home Army to provide support in financing holiday camps for children and youth aged 7 to 18 with a program of patriotic and historical education, with particular emphasis on the subjects related to the operations of Cichciemni.

Other examples of projects funded by  the Polish Security Printing Works in the field of historical education are events commemorating the 153th anniversary of the outbreak of the January Uprising as well as ceremonies organized under the banner of the Social Committee of Commemoration of the National Memorial Day of the so-called Cursed Soldiers (anti-communist residence movements formed during World War II), or financial support to arrange the General Ryszard Kukliński Museum.

The Polish Security Printing Works also welcomes the initiatives that safeguard and promote the national heritage. In 2017, thanks to our support, the historic organs in the nearby church at ul. Zakroczymska 1 were renovated. We also subsidized the organization of the 10th edition of the prestigious Grzegorz Fitelberg International Competition for Conductors held every five years.

PWPW S.A. has also financed  the education of medical doctors. Recently we have invested in the organization of the first scientific conference called "Mobility of the Disabled", which is supposed to constitute a major breakthrough in the motorization of persons with disabilities.

Thanks to the Code of Ethics which governs the activities of the Management Board of PWPW S.A., we can solve a number of important social problems, promote the protection of life and the family, educate new generations of Poles, and through these actions build together the cultural and spiritual foundations of our Nation, for the welfare of the Fatherland.


PWPW (Polish Security Printing Works)

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