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Morning Programme with Radio Wnet devoted to Warsaw Uprising on the PWPW terrace

On the 73rd anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, Radio Wnet broadcast from the terrace of Polish Security Printing Works a live programme featuring a Home Army soldier, hero defender of the PWPW Redoubt – Mr Juliusz Kulesza, pseudonym “Julek”, and President of PWPW – Mr Piotr Woyciechowski.

Today’s programme addressed the topics of the Uprising, with which the Printing Works are specifically related. It was in its buildings that numerous units of Home Army soldiers fought back concentrated attacks of thousands of German soldiers.

The Printer’s workers recollect every year heroic fight of Home Army soldiers and civilians in the August 1944 insurgency. They are keen to contribute to various initiatives to commemorate these tragic events and, at the same time, build the identity of national community.

The “Uprising” morning programme of Wnet Radio featuring a honorary guest Mr Juliusz Kulesza – a soldier of the special-tasks group code-named PWB/17/S is only a humble expression of respect and gratitude that PWPW’s Management Board and employees have shown this year to all participants of fighting during the Warsaw Uprising, in addition to the exhibition dedicated to the Uprising, available to visitors from 28 July to early autumn, a briefing with the participation of “Julek”  – the laureate of the Warsaw Award that was held on 31 July at the Royal Castle, ceremonies of the 73 rd Anniversary of the Warsaw Rising to honour the defenders of the PWPW Redoubt, held on 2 August the PWPW Headquarters, or the Uprising Picnic planned for 10 September.

Mr Juliusz Kulesza has written a special card in the Printing Works’ uprising history. His parents worked and met in the Works. Mr Kulesza himself, educated as a drawer, was also for a short time professionally linked to PWPW, and at the uprising outbreak he lived in Rybaki Street, in a nearby block of flats for the company’s employees.

During the uprising he fought in the ranks of the squad commanded until 24 August by Roman Marchel, pseudonym “Rom”. During the Morning Programme with Radio Wnet Mr Juliusz Kulesza recollects the night from 23 to 24 August – the block of flat was attacked by surprise, but the assault was repulsed in the night. On the next day, wave attacks began which, despite initial success achieved by the “Rom’s” insurgent group, affected their spirits badly – he added. “German planes, so-called “Stukas” would come in, throw bombs at us, prepared the ground for assault. We started to retreat deep into the building, because it was obvious that infantry would not go under its own bombs. But after the last bomb, the plaster still flying in the air, infantry rushed in with assault”.

Recollections of Warsaw’s residents who participated in the Warsaw Rising, as well as soldiers such as Mr Juliusz Kulesza, are for today’s and future generations testimony to their unbelievable courage and determination in fight for freedom. That’s why it is our duty to preserve their recollections that contribute to the foundations of Polish patriotism.

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