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Unique morning programme with Radio Wnet at PWPW S.A.

On 14 June 2017, the editors of Radio Wnet broadcast live its morning programme from the Polish Security Printing Works’ terrace. The morning programme of the Wnet radio featured many interesting guests, including PWPW representatives: President of the Management Board – Mr Piotr Woyciechowski, Chief Editor of the “Człowiek i Dokumenty” quarterly, as well as graphical designers: Justyna Kopecka and Krystian Michalczuk.

The programme started at 7 am. For the first hour on air, economists, Dr Cezary Mech and Jerzy Bielewicz, discussed current political and economic affairs. Then Mr Sebastian Kaleta, a lawyer and former spokesman of the Minister of Justice, commented on first actions taken by the Verification Committee for Reprivatisation.

The other part of the programme was devoted completely to the Polish Security Printing Works. PWPW Board President was interviewed by Radio Wnet’s Chief Editor, Mr Krzysztof Skowroński, about current implementation of the Company’s investment projects aimed at improving the performance of banknote and passport production. These activities aim at upgrading the Works and increasing its global competitive position in two or three years’ time.

Today, PWPW has the monopoly to produce official prints, banknotes and securities in Poland. PWPW also supplies some countries of Latin America and the Republic of Armenia. President Woyciechowski told in his interview that, for PWPW to have a high profile in global markets, we must keep pace with trends and standards imposed by the biggest players in the industry.

Currently, Polish banknotes belong to the best-secured banknotes globally, which is evidenced by numerous awards won by PWPW in prestigious competitions in different corners of the world. Let’s recall the most important ones that were awarded to the Polish Security Printing Works this year, which is the award granted to PWPW at the High Security Printing conference held in Baku for the best-secured banknote in the world. This award was granted for our new 500 zloty banknote. Another golden statuette was brought to Poland from the Currency Conference held in May this year in Kuala Lumpur. This award was granted to the Company for the best commemorative banknote. In was produced last year to commemorate the 1050 th anniversary of the Baptism of Poland.

Success would be impossible without the effort of the entire team of people involved in the production process, from graphical designers, to technologists, to final completion of orders, covered by special quality and security surveillance. The initial step in producing security prints, i.e., the work of PWPW’s designers, was discussed by graphical designers employed at the Works – Ms Justyna Kopecka and Mr Krystian Michalczuk. They explained the audience how they get inspired to design their projects, what such designing is about in the light of a number of restrictions imposed by security features, as well as how labour-intensive it is to engrave portraits or other specific graphics on security prints.

The meeting with Radio Wnet journalists was concluded by Chief Editor of “Człowiek i Dokumenty” monthly, Ms Aleksandra Grynkiewicz, who presented the 500-zloty banknote to the audience. This newest and highest-denomination banknote now in circulation incorporates an entire system of security features related both to the substrate – the banknote paper manufactured by the Works and the print itself. Better public awareness of the most crucial parts of this system would increase the security of cash circulation – Ms Grynkiewicz noted.

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