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On Thursday, 29 June, a festive PWPW KLZ gala was held to sum up the first wrestling season 2016/2017. From April this year, the Polish Security Printing Works has been strategic partner to the Polish National Wrestling League.

“Pytlasy” statuettes were awarded at the Gala. This name is down to Mr Władysław Pytlasiński, the “father” of Polish wrestling.

The Warsaw’s Gala hosted the pantheon of wrestlers, both those still active and champions of the past.

The League’s Chapter awarded symbolic “Pytlas” statuettes in ten categories. PWPW’s President, Mr Piotr Woyciechowski, granted the “Super Pytlas”. This award was won by Ms Monika Michalik, and the statuette was collected on her behalf by her coach, Mr Mateusz Gucman.

In the other nine categories, awards were given to:

  • Women’s Wrestling – Ms Roksana Zasina
  • Freestyle – Mr Zbigniew Baranowski
  • Greco-Roman – Mr Arkadiusz Kułynycz
  • “Discovery of the Year” – Ms Katarzyna Mądrowska
  • “Team Match of the Season” – MKZ Unia Racibórz – AKS Wrestling - Team Piotrków Trybunalski
  • “Match of the PWPW KLZ 2016/2017 Season″ - Gevorg Shakyan v Michał Pietrzak
  • “JOKER” – Ms Natalia Strzałka
  • “Manager of the Year” – Marcin Cejnóg, Mr Paweł Grzybicki, Dariusz  Kowalczyk, Michał Jaworski
  • “King of Social Media” - Dawid Kareciński.

The Polish wrestling should be rebuit in many aspects and its due place in Poland’s core sports restored – said Mr Piotr Woyciechowski in an interview. 

The meeting of the PWPW KLZ league provided an opportunity for evaluating the first season of the wrestling league and discussing the league-related activities for the next season. PWPW KLZ League will resume on 19 September.

An additional attraction of the Gala was a show by Ms Anna Butkiewicz, an opera singer, who performed fragments of well-known arias.

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