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PWPW S.A. at the 21st Science Picnic

The 21st Science Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre was held on 3 June at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The PWPW S.A.’s stand attracted huge interest among children and adults alike.

Personalisation of souvenir cards

One of the attractions for the youngest visitors was personalisation of cards with security features such as OVI, ink glowing in UV light and thermochromic ink, which included the following information: first name, last name, photo and signature of the young document holder. In the MRZ signature on the card’s front side, we marked the date, place and name of the event. These cards are extremely popular each year among our stand’s visitors. It is not only an eye-pleasing souvenir, but also an opportunity to show to the visitors how such simplified system for the collection of data and document personalization works.

Expert lectures

Together with the workers of the Research, Development and Innovation Bureau, we prepared, specifically for children, “active lectures” on banknote and document security features. Special brochures were prepared for that occasion. In that way, children, after getting to know the basic security features (watermark, intaglio printing features, optically variable features), were able to verify the knowledge they just acquired by sticking the respective security features to appropriate places in the brochure. This focused children’s attention as they listened to and looked attentively at our experts. Also parents were keen to get the knowledge and experience shared by the experts.

PWPW Knowledge Competition

Another attraction were also knowledge contests on PWPW S.A. and its products, organized by our workers at the stand. In the competition, you could win as much as 350,000 zloty briquettes made of recycled banknotes, and many other interesting prizes.

PWPW (Polish Security Printing Works)

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