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Between 16 and 18 June Nysa became the Polish family centre. The 5th Convention of Large Families was held there. Honorary guests included the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy, Ms Elżbieta Rafalska.

More than 1.7 million people are estimated to use the privileges offered by the Large Family Card. The card brings discounts for e.g. tickets to the zoo, philharmonic concerts, theatres or public transport. The topic of the Large Family Card was particularly widely discussed during the debate held at the Nysa Community Centre during the convention. Minister Rafalska promises that the card would be available in electronic form.

She also added that the card will be digitalized, available on a smartphone or tablet so that a plastic card will be unnecessary. Many new functionalities will be added, such as geolocation that will show to the card holders the venues where it is accepted. It will show the locations, shops, tourist facilities that offer discounts to large families. From 2019, the card can be used also by parents whose children will have come of age.

During the debate, business was also discussed because it is more and more often involved in helping large families. There are more and more companies that contribute to pro-family policies.
PWPW offers to its employees who became parents an extra newborn allowance and an extra 12-month parental leave, after which the father or mother has guaranteed return to his or her job position – said during the Convention Mr Robert Wardak, Member of the Management Board, PWPW S.A. which was the principal sponsor of that Event.

Minister Rafalska received a statuette from Large Families, granted by Ms Joanna Krupska, the President of the “Three Plus” Large Families’ Association. After the debate, the participants and audience were entertained by Mr Ireneusz Krosny, an artist who is also father to a large family.   

As adults were debating, their children participated in free workshops. They could have fun, play and spend time with their peers. The families could use, among others, playgrounds, including inflatable slides and trampolines.
In the afternoon, all families were offered attractions in the Municipal Stadium. PWPW workers held an attraction for the Convention participants, consisting in on-the-spot personalized cards with security features such OVI, UV ink and thermochromic ink. The card had the following data: first and last name, photo, signature, date and information that it was the 5th Convention of Large Families in Nysa. The Convention participants were entertained by the group called Joszko Broda and “Dzieci z Brodą”, Szymon Chodynicki and Rodzina Jarząbków.

Despite unfavourable weather, this year’s Convention attracted much interest.

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