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The Works will print more than 50,000 physiotherapist certificates

On 15 May 2017, representatives of the Board of the Polish Security Printing Works and of the Polish National Chamber of Physiotherapists met to sign a contract for the production, personalisation and delivery of more than 50,000 “Right to Conduct the Physiotherapist Profession” certificates.

The contract was signed for 4 years as an outcome of negotiations held between Polish Security Printing Works and the National Chamber of Physiotherapists since December 2016.

The “Right to Conduct the Physiotherapist Profession” is a document the model of which has been described in the Ordinance of the Minister of Health of 4 April 2017. The document will be made of polycarbonate in accordance with PN-ISO/IEC7810 and PN-ISO.IEC7816-1 standards, and will be personalized using laser engraving for alphanumeric data and the photograph of the certificate holder.

Due to the profile of that document, the following security features will be applied to prevent forgery: guilloche background with relief embossing,  iridescent printing, a graphical item made with optically variable ink, card material with no UV luminescence, graphical item visible in normal light and glowing in UV light, as well as positive and negative microprint.

We believe that the quality of the documents made by PWPW S.A. significantly improves the standard of public services.

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