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The Management Board of the Polish Securities Printing Works with official visit to Lithuania

During their visit to Lithuania from 6-7 February 2017 representatives of PWPW S.A. visited two government institutions:   the Personalization of Identity Documents Centre at the Ministry of the Interior and the Agency for Technological Protection of State Documents at the Ministry of Finance, as well as two Lithuanian companies with whom we cooperate in the production of Lithuanian passports (Garsu Pasaulis) and personal identity cards (LODVILA).

The Director of the Documentation Personalization Center, Ramūnas Žičkis thanked for the long-lasting fruitful cooperation with PWPW and guided the guests around the Personalization Center of Lithuanian identity cards and passports.

Member of the Management Board of PWPW, Robert Malicki thanked for the opportunity to visit the Personalization Center and presented plans for a new Polish passport to enter into circulation in 2018. He also emphasized the fact that IT competences obtained by PWPW S.A. at the e-ID Lithuania project will be used in the  manufacture of the Polish electronic identity card.

During the visit, our new passport promoting Four Seasons of the Year with a new polycarbonate personalized page was introduced.

A visit to the Ministry of Finance and a meeting with Klemensas Rimšelis and persons directly responsible for drafting documents helped to exchange insights into the design of new security solutions. In this field, both Parties have declared their willingness to closely cooperate.

Meeting with our clients Lodvila company and Garsu Pasaulis company allowed us to sum up the current implementation of the projects and discuss the possible areas of cooperation between the companies in the manufacture of passports and IDs on foreign markets.

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