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The Polish Security Printing Works - the only Polish company to get the SmartApp Development Site certification under the Common Criteria

On 16 August 2016 the Polish Security Printing Works got Common Criteria certificate acknowledging the safety of the premises and procedures of manufacturing of SmartApp applets which are subject to certification. Such certificates are issued for 2 years, based on the results of a very restrictive evaluation process. In this way, PWPW once again proved that it meets the highest international security and quality requirements for the produced software. The certificate is another step bringing PWPW closer to the performance of tasks enabling the introduction in Poland of identity cards with the electronic layer. PWPW is the only Polish company to hold such a certificate.

Experts of the German Federal Bureau of Information Security (BSI), following complex and rigorous testing, have agreed to grant PWPW the SmartApp Development Site certificate. This is another confirmation that PWPW in the production of applets intended for use in identity and travel documents has reached the world-class level, the one presented by such world leaders as Giesecke & Devrient, Gemalto, Smartrac.

One of the key elements of product security certification is attestation that the product is built in a secure environment, by competent, highly qualified employees and in accordance with a specific methodology that guarantees adequate control over the process of production and quality of secure IT products. The SmartApp Development Site certification awarded to the Polish Security Printing Works  attests to the fulfillment of all these requirements.

In order to be awarded the SmartApp Development Site certificate, the Polish Securities Printing works had to undergo a complex assessment procedure including in such areas as: physical safety of the premises, monitoring system, incident response procedures followed by security guards, hardware security, hardware and software management procedures, software production management methods, product testing procedures or delivery procedures concerning manufactured products and related documentation.

In all Common Criteria tests, PWPW got positive and unqualified opinions. The standardized security assessment criteria used in Common Criteria certification, due to their comparability, give internationally recognized results. Thanks to that products of PWPW can be offered not only on the domestic market but also on foreign markets and successfully serve the citizens.

Currently, final preparations are underway for the evaluation of subsequent versions of SmartApp-SIGN and SmartApp-ID used in modern travel documents and e-IDs. Thanks to SmartApp Development Site certification, it will be easier to have these applets certified and put into secure circulation.

PWPW (Polish Security Printing Works)

1 R. Sanguszki Street
00-222 Warsaw, Poland
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tel. (+48) 22 235 20 00
fax (+48) 22 235 24 50