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Presentation of security prints manufactured by PWPW, commemorating Colonel Matuszewski and Major Rajchman
On 4 August 2016 two security prints manufactured by PWPW, commemorating Colonel Matuszewski and Major Rajchman were officially presented.

The presentation date coincided with the 70th anniversary of the death of Colonel Matuszewski. A commemorative banknote with state-of-the-art security features, also found in Polish general circulation banknotes, was also devoted to him. The banknote features such elements as engraved portrait in intaglio printing, watermark with a filigree, recto-verso, microtexts, or SPARK live. The image of the banknote was determined by historical photographs, including a photo of the treasury and the route of evacuation of the Polish gold, visible only in the UV light.

The document honouring major Rajchman also includes an engraved portrait in intaglio printing, microtexts and a relief background.

Both prints were created in cooperation with the Military Historical Bureau and are one of the elements commemorating these two persons so important for Poland, whose remains are to be brought to Poland.

Piotr Woyciechowski, President of the Polish Securities Printing Works said during the meeting that the company has a special mission to keep alive the memory of forgotten heroes and honour them.

Director of the Military Historical Bureau, Professor Sławomir Cenckiewicz expressed his acknowledgement to the President of PWPW for his involvement in commemorating important historical events, handing over a gift in the form of an original band of the soldier of the Second Polish Republic.

In June 2016 an Honorary Committee was established in order to bring the remains of Colonel Matuszewski and Major Rajchman to Poland and arrange a solemn burial at the Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw. PWPW S.A. is a member of the Committee.

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