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PWPW wins gold medal in the A-Design competition held in Milan for its calendar!

This year's board calendar made at the Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) won the highest award in the international A-Design competition in Milan. The calendar won gold medal in the category of Graphics and Visual Communication Design.

This is a great award for our calendar, as the A-Design competition is the world's largest and most prestigious international design competition. In 110 categories the total of 3 500 products were evaluated, after being selected in the preliminary qualification procedure out of 15 thousand of submitted projects. The selection was made by a 70-person competition jury composed of well-known designers and representatives of art schools who appreciated both the sophisticated design of the calendar and the excellence of its workmanship. Let us remind you that this distinction is not the first awarded to our calendar, which won the third place in the category of "Board Calendars" in the Polish Calendar Competition ZoomArt 2016.

The 2016 calendar of the Polish Securities Printing Works is entitled "Secure documents and banknotes". Each calendar card presents the most important features of Polish documents and banknotes produced by PWPW. By using various types of paper (coated cardboard, bulk dyed, synthetic paper) and printing techniques (offset, dry piston, foil stamping, printing with special paints), PWPW showed the uniqueness of its products. Both design and workmanship emphasize the most important security features of the documents - ID card, passport, driving license, registration certificate, business card - banknotes, postage stamps, payment cards or IT systems. Two unique calendar cards (April and October) were made on a watermark paper manufactured at the Polish Securities Printing Works.

The calendar was made by the Łódź Studio Design and designed by Izabela Jurczyk. On behalf of PWPW, it was Ms. Ewa Hutny of the Promotion and PR Team of the Strategy and Marketing Office who was responsible for the project.

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