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Prestigious award for PWPW’s calendar

A calendar promoting PWPW won the 3rd place at the 2016 ZoomArt International Calendar Festival and Competition. It was chosen from way one hundred and several dozens of calendars by the jury composed of famous photographers, designers and representatives of artistic schools and advertising agencies. The jury highly appraised both an original, sophisticated design and production values of the calendar.

“Secured documents and banknotes” is the title of the 2016 calendar of the Polish Security Printing Works. Each calendar sheet provides information on the most important features of Polish documents and banknotes manufactured by PWPW. The calendar was printed on different types of paper (coated cardboard, pulp colored paper, synthetic paper) with the use of different printing techniques (offset, paper embossing, foil stamping, special ink printing). The techniques used allowed to highlight main security features of documents and banknotes. Two sheets of the calendar (April and October) were made of watermark paper produced by the PWPW’s paper mill.

Calendar designed and executed by Izabela Jurczyk, Studio Design.  

The ZoomArt Competition is an international event combining calendar competition and exhibition. It is a unique event of this sort in Poland. More information on the competition available at

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