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PWPW a champion of export

The best Polish exporters and companies investing abroad were rewarded by the jury of the 4th edition of the “Polish Company – International Champion” contest organised by PwC and Puls Biznesu. PWPW was honoured in the “Exporter” category, next to two other companies of the Treasury. This is the second award in a row for PWPW in this contest; one year ago the printing works won in its own category.

“This year’s edition's standards were very high. The companies that entered the contest boast spectacular expansion abroad, so the choice wasn’t easy,” said Tomasz Siemieniec, editor-in-chief of "Puls Biznesu”.

Thus the fact that the contest’s jury appreciated PWPW’s business courage and effectiveness on foreign markets for the second time should be appreciated even more. Polish Security Printing Works is a company with nearly 100 years of experience, and for several years now it has been more and more willing to offer its products abroad. Last year, Polish media commented a lot, among other things, about PWPW’s contracts performed in South American countries: Paraguay and Honduras. More and more countries from this region commission the printing of their banknotes to Polish Security Printing Works.

Apart from banknotes, PWPW’s export products also include modern and excellently-secured documents. For several years now the printing works have been producing Lithuanian biometric passports. Nearly all Armenians carry in their wallets documents produced by PWPW: the company supplies them with both biometric passports and modern, electronic personal IDs, as well as the complete technical infrastructure and IT systems used for downloading data, personalising and issuing the documents.

These are only a few examples of international activities of Polish Security Printing Works. Over the last 2 years PWPW has completed more than 30 different export projects.

The full list of winners of the “Polish Company – International Champion” competition can be found on PwC’s website

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