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10. Independence Stop with PWPW

700 reprints of banknotes from the 1920s were handed out to the participants of “Independence Stop”, an event organised by the Polish History Museum. Specifically for this occasion, Polish Security Printing Works had prepared a “Bostonka” – a pre-war manual printing machine.

“Independence Stop” is a series of events addressed to everybody that the Polish History Museum has been organising in Warsaw since 2006 as part of the celebrations of the anniversary of 11 November 1918 when Poland regained independence. Each year the museum provides Varsovians with joint, joyful celebrations, at the same time attempting to interest them in history and recall the atmosphere from nearly 100 years ago.

During this year’s 10th “Independence Stop” Polish Security Printing Works, a nearly 100 years old company whose establishing was closely related to Poland’s newly-regained independence in 1918, also had a role to play. As part of the “Promised Land. City and Modernity” exhibition (available for viewing at Warsaw University Library until 6 December), whose goal is to transport the visitors to the realities of 19th and early 20th century Polish cities, PWPW showed its “Bostonka”. It is a pre-war manual printing machine that was used by the company in its early days to print leaflets, posters and announcements. Several years ago, thanks to the efforts of a group of enthusiasts working at PWPW, the machine was restored to use. This way during this year's “Independence Stop” each visitor could not only see how this machine works, but also receive a souvenir: a reprint of the first Polish banknote – 100 Polish marks from 1919 on which a commemorative inscription was made with the "Bostonka".

PWPW (Polish Security Printing Works)

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