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PWPW keeps increasing its earnings

Polish Security Printing Works earned PLN 106 million in the first half of 2015. This result is better by nearly PLN 8 million from the one achieved by the company in the same period of 2014.

Many things point to the fact that this year may set a new record with regard to PWPW’s profits. During the whole 2014 the company’s net profit was PLN 153 million, which was one of the company’s two best financial results in its nearly one hundred years in operation. This year’s profits will be probably be even greater than last year’s.

Polish Security Printing Works is a strategic company manufacturing highly-secured documents, banknotes and IT systems. It is here that Polish passports, personal IDs, driving licences, and vehicle registration cards are produced. For several years now PWPW has been consistently offering its services abroad, printing banknotes and documents, as well as selling IT system to clients all over the world. Among the numerous export projects carried out by Polish Security Printing Works this year is the printing of 30 million banknotes for Honduras.

However, PWPW’s primary clients are still Polish institutions. In March this year the Ministry of the Interior introduced the new template of personal IDs produced by Polish Security Printing Works. In June the National Bank of Poland presented the new 200 zloty banknote that PWPW had modernised by adding, among other things, new and better security features, as well as adapting the banknote to the current technical requirements of automated counting. Currently PWPW and the National Bank of Poland are working on the introduction of the new 500 zloty banknote.

Of the 159 companies wholly owned by the Treasury PWPW is in the top three of the companies generating the greatest budget revenues from dividend and income tax (along with Totalizator Sportowy and PERN Przyjaźń). If we were to take into account also other companies with less than 100% Treasure share, then PWPW is in the top 15 of companies generating the greatest budget revenues from dividend and income tax (including but not limited to Orlen, KGHM, PZU or PKO BP).

PWPW (Polish Security Printing Works)

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00-222 Warsaw, Poland
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tel. (+48) 22 235 20 00
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