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35 tons of cash from Poland have reached Paraguay

That was an extremely difficult logistic operation.  Polish Security Printing Works  has just delivered 28 million pieces of banknotes to the southern hemisphere.  Over 80 big boxes filled with cash have been transported from the plant in Warsaw to the vault of the Central Bank in Asuncion, the capital city of Paraguay.

Details of this unique transport operation are confidential.  PWPW never discloses any information regarding delivery dates or routes used to transport the money to its customers. All we know is that this time the total freight weight exceeded 35 tons.

The goods transported included two types of banknotes.  As ordered by the customer from South America, PWPW has printed 13 million pieces of 10,000-guarani banknotes and 15 million pieces of 20,000-guarani banknotes.  The money was printed at the PWPW’s site in Warsaw located at Sanguszki street.

- Representatives of our customer, that is the Central Bank of Paraguay, have performed an on-site quality and quantity inspection of the banknotes we have delivered.  As usual, they have raised no objections. The banknotes produced in Poland are known for their high quality and anti-counterfeit security features - explains Bartłomiej Ploch from Polish Security Printing Works , who was personally responsible for the transportation of boxes with cash to South America.

The first feature of both banknote denominations that immediately catch the eye include a wide windowed security thread embedded in the banknote structure.  The 10,000-guarani banknote is fitted with an optically variable thread, i.e. a thread whose color changes depending on the angle at which the thread is observed. The 20,000-guarani banknote is secured with a thread similar to the one used in the United States to secure new one hundred-dollar bills.  Additionally, banknotes include a variety of other security features applied both in the artwork design and in the paper structure.  To improve banknotes’ durability the humid, subtropical climate, the banknotes’ surface has been covered with special varnish.

High quality of cash manufactured in Warsaw is the reason why an increasing number of states around the world decides to entrust Poland with the production of their banknotes.  Three years ago PWPW supplied 20 million 10,000-guarani banknotes to Paraguay for the first time. Shortly after that, 30 million pieces of banknotes were ordered by Guatemala.  Few months ago, our printing works proved a successful bidder in the tendering procedure to print lempira, the currency of Honduras.  The first banknotes will be printed this year.


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