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Polish postage stamp wins again

The sheet entitled “900th anniversary of Gallus Anonymus’ chronicle” produced by PWPW S.A. has won in the intaglio category at the Conference of Government Postage Stamp Printers’ Association (GPSPA) in Beijing.

The winning stamp was issued by the Poczta Polska (Polish Post) in June 2013. It had been designed by Agnieszka Sancewicz, and the engraving had been done by Maciej Kopecki, PWPW’s head artist. The stamp had been produced by combining the steel engraving and rotogravure techniques (250.000 copies), and as a black-and-white reproduction (20.000 copies).

The stamp sheet features images of Polish rulers: Siemowit (known only from Anonymus’ chronicle), Mieszko I, Bolesław Chrobry, Kazimierz Odnowiciel, and Bolesław Krzywousty. The images were taken from “The Polish Chronicle” by Marcin Bielski.

The stamps manufactured by PWPW S.A. have been receiving awards and honourable mentions at numerous competitions for many years.


  • 13th conference of government postage stamp printers in Brazil. The stamp entitled “65th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising” named the most beautiful stamp in the combined print techniques category (steel engraving + rotogravure)


  • International competition “PREMIO INTERNAZIONALE D’ARTE FILATELICA  SAN GABRIELE” in Italy – Offset stamp entitled “Beatification of Pope John Paul II” as the most beautiful religiously-themed stamp. Previously, the stamp entitled “25th anniversary of Father Jerzy Popiełuszko’s death” had also received an award


  • 14th Conference of Government Postage Stamp Printers in Portugal: the stamp entitled “600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald” received a reward in the rotogravure stamp category.
  • “Europe” Forests –  1st place for the most beautiful philatelic form of art during the 42nd International Philatelic Art Awards in Asiago (the stamp smelling of juniper was named the most beautiful in the world from among all the stamps issued in 2011).


  • “Europe” – in 2013, thanks to the internet users’ votes the Europe-issue stamp placed 3rd (together with the Swiss Post) in the international competition organised by PostEurop.


  • 44th International Philatelic Art Awards in Asiago (Italy): the title of the Most Beautiful Postage Stamp in the World was awarded to the stamp entitled “The World Post Day – 455 years of POLISH POST”.

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