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Upgraded banknotes in circulation now

On Monday the 7th April the National Bank of Poland launched a gradual introduction of new banknotes with high-tech security features into circulation. All the new banknotes were manufactured by Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW S.A.).

Implementation of new security measures is a standard procedure which most of the central banks carry out in a regular manner. Although the graphic design remains unchanged, the new security features will make the differences between the old and the new banknotes visible. An uncovered watermark area, the use of iridescent ink and new recto-verso security features will be the most significant changes the Poles will see on the upgraded banknotes. It should be observed that the banknotes with a face value of PLN 200 will remain unaltered.

The primary purpose of the new security features is maintaining the highest level of security of money circulation in the coming years. Currently, counterfeiting of Polish banknotes is rather rare (around 7 instances of counterfeiting per million banknotes in circulation), but technological advancement in the area of banknote security features in the last 20 years has made it essential to carry out such an operation.” says Marek OleĊ›,  the Director of the Cash and Issue Department of NBP.

The upgraded banknotes with a face value of PLN 10, 20, 50 and 100 will supersede mutilated or damaged banknotes which are withdrawn from circulation as a standard procedure of money supply to commercial banks. All the banknotes which are currently in use will remain a legal tender sine die.

As the manufacturer of banknotes, PWPW S.A. strongly supports the National Bank of Poland in the upgrading process.” says Aleksandra Grynkiewicz, the Director of Banknotes and Security Printing Department of PWPW S.A. “ We are glad to say that the level of security of our banknotes is high and comparable to that of the most secure banknotes in the world.”

PWPW (Polish Security Printing Works)

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