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PWPW receives a US award for innovativeness

The production technology of polycarbonate e-data page and the non-flammable Extreme ID card got PWPW two awards at the Pittsburgh “INPEX 2013” innovation trade show.


The first of the awarded solutions is the technology of producing a polycarbonate e-data page for biometric passports; the Company received for it a Gold Medal at the INPEX Trade Show in the safety and security category, as well as the Innovator Cup INPEX 2013 special award.

The polycarbonate e-data page is to be used with third generation biometric passports. It is characterised by the highest security level and the implemented electronic layer of the document (microchip) complies with the SAC (Suplemental Access Control) protocol. The application of a polycarbonate e-data page in the passport enables the incorporation of security measures characteristic of both card and paper documents at the same time. The polycarbonate e-data page is connected to the passport booklet with a special hinge, a solution protected under a patent application. The hinge is permanently connected with the remaining layers of the personalised e-data page through a secured thread luminescent in UV light. In contrast to competitive solutions, it is impossible to separate the hinge from the e-data page without damaging its internal structure which leaves visible traces of tampering.

PWPW received also the special award of the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA) for Extreme ID, an identification card which contains a non-flammable personalised metal element in its structure. This solution makes it possible to quickly identify the card holder in case of fire, explosion, car accident or airplane crush.

PWPW is constantly looking for new and innovative solutions using its broad scientific and technical facilities and develops unique technologies which increase the security level and functionality of the products and services offered.

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