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New security features for banknotes

The National Bank of Poland has commission PWPW with manufacturing general circulation banknotes furnished with modernised security features. The graphical design of banknotes will remain unchanged, and the banknotes with new security features will be put in circulation in April 2014. For security reasons detailed information and banknotes featuring the new security features will be presented in September 2013.


The “Rulers of Poland” series of banknotes designed by Andrzej Heidrich that we are using today was put into circulation in 1995. For the first time in 18 years the National Bank of Poland will carry out the technical operation of replacing the security features used in the banknotes of this series. Central banks carry out such actions in cycles: once every 8 years on average. This year the European Central Bank will modernise the euro banknote. New banknote security features were also introduced by Spain, Slovakia and Estonia respectively 7, 3 and 4 years prior to joining the euro zone.

“The security features introduced in 1995 as well as the cash transactions support system have been functioning flawlessly, and the level of currency counterfeiting in Poland is low. However, the technological progress that has occurred in the recent years requires us to carry out the technical operation consisting in modernising the security features used in general circulation banknotes. Its goal is to increase the security of cash transactions for the next years,” said Marek Oleś, director of the Cash and Issue Department at the National Bank of Poland.

Banknotes with the new security features will be introduced into circulation gradually, as part of the standard operations of supplying banks with cash and withdrawing destroyed or damaged banknotes. Banknotes with the lowest denominations are withdrawn from circulation on average after 18 months, and the banknotes with higher denominations – after several years.

“Changing the banknote security features is a purely technical operation. Banknotes with the modern security features will be gradually introduced into circulation beginning April 2014, which means that no banknotes with the new security features will end up in our wallets before that date. All the banknotes currently in circulation will remain in use indefinitely,” added Marek Oleś.

Beginning January 2014 the National Bank of Poland in co-operation with PWPW will carry out an all-Polish information campaign entitled “Secure Money” regarding the new security features in banknotes. As part of the campaign they will offer a free NBP Safe application for mobile devices that will present the security features used in Polish currency, as well as the current exchange rates published by the National Bank of Poland. Should you have any questions, please contact the director of Press Office at the National Bank of Poland, Mr Przemysław Kuk (tel. 22 653 27 34, e-mail: data ).

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