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PWPW ready to produce new driver’s licenses

Polska Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych S.A (Polish Security Printing Works) informs that both the IT system and the production line of blanket driver’s licenses are ready for the start of the production.The company also assures that driver’s license exams will be carried out without problems in the 14 Provincial Traffic Centers it signed contracts with.

The introduction of a new specimen driver’s license is not tantamount to the obligation to exchange the document immediately. The driver’s licenses issued until now (for an indeterminate period) shall be subject to exchange in the years 2028-2033. During a press conference, the representatives of PWPW presented the specimen blanks for the new driver’s license and the procedure of examination after 19 January.

The company informed that it signed contracts for the implementation of a system supporting the examination process of the prospective drivers in 14 Provincial Traffic Centers – all the ones in Mazovia and the ones in Kraków, Częstochowa, Rzeszów, Zielona Góra, Bydgoszcz, Włocławek, Opole and Legnica.

– “We entered the market which has been monopolized by ITS for the last dozen years or so and we gained a market share of almost 30 per cent”, explainsTadeusz Wachowski, director of the identification products and services department. – “We offer a system taking into account all the expectations which the Provincial Traffic Centers notified during a few-month pilot program carried out in almost 40 centers.”

The company assures that after 19 January, the prospective drivers will be able to take the driver’s license examination without problems in all the centers in which it implements the new system.


The starosties are prepared to service the Prospective Driver Profile (PKK) and Driver Training Centers.
According to PWPW’s information, the starosties are prepared to service the Prospective Driver Profile and to register Driver Training Centers. The offices have a tool for Driver Training Center service, called Portal Starosty (Starost’s Site), at their disposal. As of 10 January, 322 of 380 starosties are already using this solution and over 1200 Driver Training Centers are already registered in the system. The number of registered centers is growing daily.

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