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SMS from a clerk

As many as one out of five offices in Poland notifies citizens by SMS or by e-mail that their driving licenses or registration cards are ready to be collected. The solution has been developed by PWPW S.A.


The service is used by 80 out of 380 administrative county districts (starostwo powiatowe). The solution is based on Vehicle and Driver systems that are operated by PWPW S.A. and that handle the process of registration of vehicles and granting of the rights to drive vehicles. Both systems serve the purpose of establishing communication between administrative county districts and PWPW S.A. where driving licenses and registration cards are manufactured and personalized. The solution of PWPW S.A. makes it possible to automatically generate SMS messages and e-mails addressed to citizens who wait to collect their driving licenses or registration cards. When a clerk confirms in the system that a document is received from PWPW S.A., the system will automatically generate a message which is sent to a citizen through PWPW. The service is free of charge.

‘Thanks to such solutions offices are getting more citizen-friendly. You do not need to inquire about your document, make calls or needlessly go to the office as the information on the collection date will be provided to a citizen concerned,’ says Tadeusz Wachowski, Director of Identification Products and Services Division of PWPW S.A. ‘This service will become available to a larger group of people as we are holding talks with other administrative county districts that are interested in this solution.

Based on this solution PWPW S.A. has also developed a system of SMS communication making it possible for self-government authorities to alert inhabitants about storms and floods and to inform them about traffic jams, repairs and cultural events.

For more information please contact:
Spokesman of PWPW S.A.
Arkadiusz SÅ‚odkowski
mobile +48 607 03 03 11
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