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PWPW celebrated the 66th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising

PWPW commemorated the 66th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

On Monday August 2nd at the courtyard of the Polish Security Printing Works S.A., as every year, met the insurgents, who fought in PWPW units (including PWB/17/S Group), representatives of the City Authorities, PWPW S.A. Management Board and staff to commemorate the anniversary of the Works conquest by the insurgents. At a commemorative plaque a prayer was said, and wreaths were laid. A special guest Krzysztof Kolberger read an essay written by Julius Kulesza – a Warsaw insurgent, writer and historian – on post-war fate of soldiers who fought in PWPW.
PWPW Redoubt 1944
During the war PWPW printed i.a. banknotes issued by the occupant, the so called "młynarki”. Although the Germans renamed the company "Staatsdruckerei und Münze", securities still had been imprinted with PWPW symbol. The invaders also left the Polish staff, which allowed for the formation of clandestine AK (Home Army) cell inside the company, called PWB/17 (Underground Banknote Works), under the 7th Division of ZWZ Headquarters (Union For Armed Struggle). When on August 2nd PWPW was besieged by insurgents, members of PWB/17/S - then already independent special group - attacked from the inside, making it easier to acquire the Works. The massive PWPW building, designed by Antoni Dygat, became from that moment redoubt defending access to the New and the Old Town. On Zakroczymska Street was erected a barricade leaning against the fence of PWPW building.
For over 27 days PWPW was one of the main insurgent resistance points in this area of Warsaw. It was defeated on August 28th. About 100 soldiers lost their lives, the building was destroyed in 60 percent, whereas the machinery and equipment in 80 percent. Up to this day you can see traces of bullets and shrapnels from the Warsaw Uprising on PWPW fence.

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